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Before you start repairing laptops you need to know who is the real manufacturer of the product. The situation now was such that the trade brand name and manufacturer are different concepts (with rare exceptions). Therefore, try to determine who is who and how to find the schematic diagram for a specific laptop.
The bulk of laptops are made in China and Taiwan manufacturers such as manufacturers Quanta, Compal, Asus, Pegatron (a subsidiary of Asus), Inventec, Wistron, Foxconn, Uniwill (now included in the ECS), ECS, Mitac, Clevo and others, only Samsung is in Korea.Now look for any brand which manufacturer produces motherboards:

Acer - Quanta, Inventec, Compal, Wistron.
BenQ - Quanta.
Dell - Quanta, Compal, Wistron, Samsung.
Fujitsu-Siemens - Uniwill, Inventec.
HP - Quanta, Inventec, Compal, Wistron.
Lenovo - Quanta, Compal, Wistron.
Packard Bell - Quanta.
Sony - Foxconn, Quanta.
Toshiba - Quanta, Compal, Inventec, Asus.

Now we shall understand how to determine what motherboard is installed your laptop. It is very important so as to laptops one and the same series can be installed different motherboards, such as HP DV6000 series  installed Quanta AT3, AT6, AT8 motherboards.
Now we'll see how to determine what the motherboard manufacturer, and what it number.

Quanta. In the schematic indicates the three digit code, but on the motherboard code have 11 characters. For example code on the motherboard DA0AT8MB8H6 (always starts with DA0), discarding the first three characters and the last five we have a number of schemes AT8.

laptop motherboard part number

Compal. Project number similar on the schematic diagram and on the motherboard LA-3301P, LA-3581, LA-5831P, and so on.

laptop motherboard part number

Wistron mark their schemes as words (Monarch, Mocha, Homa), and codes (Y4A, LWG2, JM70-MV). But apart from that on the motherboard indicates the number of 48.4s901.011 (Leopard), which always starts at 48, while on the scheme in addition to the name indicates the number of project 91.4s901.001 (always starts at 91). As we see the middle parts of numbers (4s901) are identical.

laptop motherboard part number

Inventec - markings on the motherboard 6050A2250501 (always starts with the 6050A), the schematic Doc number 1310A2250501.

Uniwill (ECS) has a project code in the form S50IA0, L53II0, 258SA0 and so on. Also on the motherboard is the part number (for L53II0 is 37GL53010-01, always starts with 37), but it is not always present in the schematic diagram.

laptop motherboard part number

Foxconn. Motherboards prodused for Sony have two codes, one is Sony code - MBX-178, second is Foxconn code - M620. In the scheme there is always a code Foxconn, but may not have Sony code.

Asus. Laptop model number corresponds to the number scheme for the rare exception.

laptop motherboard part number

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